Venus and Rose Commitments

Our Commitment

Venus & Rose does not support animal cruelty and animal testing, so you can be assured that with every experiment and formulation no animals are harmed in the process. In fact, we test the products on ourselves before any clinical trials are done.

For a more wholesome and natural skincare experience, no silicones or parabens are utilised in our products and we source from sustainable local organic farmers, giving jobs back to Australia.

Pharmacy Grade

Developed by pharmacists & cosmetic scientists. 

Dermatologist tested.

Our world-class ingredients are naturally extracted in our laboratories without the use of harsh solvents to ensure high purity and efficacy.

HYDR8 replenishes your skin of natural nourishing nutrients within minutes - the perfect solution for busy ladies and gentlemen.

Not rebranded, non-diluted. -  100% Australian.


Made In Australia Campaign Certified

100% Made In Australia

Venus and Rose Cosmetics is a proud member of the Made In Australia Campaign in which we openly disclose our operations, ingredients and origin of the product packaging. Venus and Rose proudly displays the Australian Made Logo. For more information related to Made in Australia, please visit https://www.australianmade.com.au/licensees/venus--rose-cosmetics

Language translations

Venus and Rose Cosmetics is committed to worldwide branding. We translate our products into 10 different languages to assist in the ease of use for our international friends. Our current languages are English, Deutsch, Swedish, Arabic, Hindi, Chinese, Vietnamese, Japanese, Spanish and Portuguese.

LGBT community

Venus and Rose Cosmetics is committed to supporting the LGBT community by accepting all walks of life into our brand. Our non discrimination policy is that each person is an individual and has the right to life the way they see fit. Venus and Rose Cosmetics does not support the discrimination of any persons or communities. Shine like the RAINBOW! We are one!


our mission

TOMORROW’S future, today!

Venus and rose cosmetics bringing you the finest ingredients from natures hidden secrets so that you can experience a luxurious pampering only australia can provide!