About us

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 Venus & Rose was born from our founders' desire to create natural and efficacious skincare for aviators as there was no such product designed for those who work in the skies. The story began when our founders, who are Australian pilots with a combined discipline in aviation, engineering and pharmacy, decided to create their own hydration formula with naturally extracted and potent organic botanicals. In order to find the perfect blend, they recruited dermatologists, cosmetic scientists and pharmacists with clinical cosmeticeutical and dermatology experience to join them and form a pioneering development team.

Combining everyone's expertise and experience, they picked Australia - the country unparalleled in organic, natural and unadulterated plants as the source of active botanicals. Knowing Australian farmers' ability to give incredible attention and care to their harvest, the team set out to source the best local ingredients nationwide and the formulation began.

After three years and thousands of experiments later, HYDR8 was born - the signature hydration facial mask that plumps and quenches dry skin almost instantly are hand-packed in our laboratory with quality assurance at every step of the way.

Current Research & Development

Our HYDR8 formula is so skin-quenching, we want to provide a more comprehensive skincare regime from whitening to visibly remove signs of ageing from the skin.

That's why the team is now researching the age-defying caviar and its varieties to make serums promoting youthful and plump skin. Plus formulas containing the potent yet natural antioxidant dragon's blood, retinol and other Australian botanicals.  So keep an eye out for our new range!

Our Commitment

Venus & Rose do not support animal cruelty and animal testing, so you can be assured that with every experiment and formulation no animals are harmed in the process. In fact, we test the products on ourselves before any clinical trials are done.

For a more wholesome and natural skincare experience, no silicones or parabens are utilised in our products and we source from sustainable local organic farmers, giving jobs back to Australia.

100% Made In Australia

Venus and Rose Cosmetics is a proud member of the Made In Australia Campaign in which we openly disclose our operations, ingredients and origin of the product packaging. Venus and Rose proudly displays the Australian Made Logo. For more information related to Made in Australia, please visit https://www.australianmade.com.au/licensees/venus--rose-cosmetics