Venus and Rose Cosmetics Product range


HYDR8 - Signature Face Mask

HYDR8 is a revolutionary face mask that instantly hydrates your skin with organic nanoparticles, making you glow with radiance and suppleness. Enriched with our exclusive hydrating essence - a special blend of sea kelp, organic apple, and moisture locking hyaluronic acid, plus synergistic nutrients: aloe vera juice, skin-plumping seaweed collagen and antioxidant - rich ingredients like green tea, grapefruit seed, vitamin B3, vitamin C and organic evening primrose oil. This mask is packed with so much goodness that within 20 minutes HYDR8 can reverse the negative effects of environmental factors that dehydrate the skin, especially with regular use ^.

^Clinical trials: During the clinical trial period of four weeks, HYDR8 was given to a number of people from many walks of life. The aviation industry was our largest demographic where 178 pilots and 215 cabin crew with a balanced mix of males and females volunteered to participate. Both demographics provided V&R with positive feedback. Also, HYDR8 has been tested to neutralise the exposure to dehydrating environmental effects of >2 hrs in-flight humidified air, strong winds, and >4 hrs air-conditioning. Using the collated survey information from participants (n=481), the overall experience from HYDR8 was that it was a user friendly product and it showed immediate results of brighter and more supple appearing skin.

All test subjects were happy to use HYDR8 as part of their regular skincare regime and another 68 pilots purchase HYDR8 directly from Venus & Rose.


Whitening Radiance - Complexion fairness lightening

Venus and Rose Cosmetics has been working extra diligently in the last 2 years on this specific formulation. Our new cosmetic secret formulation has given rise to an amazing whitening radiance product. Whitening Radiance is a serum both day and night use and has been implemented into our face mask range which assists in lightening skin complexions.

WHY lighten your skin complexion? Perhaps too much sun? Or you just prefer lighter radiant looking skin. Either way we are here to help. With exotic and tropical ingredients we extract our own Aloe Vera gel from 5 month old Aloe Vera branches with the spikiest of thorns, this contains the most amazing silkiest aloe vera juices that have long web like strands and a glistening appearance. Kiwi fruits are also a very friendly fruit along with a potent fruit which is used as an acid replacement perfect for skin peels.

Further onto our red delicious apples where we boil our apples and distill the aromatics for a perfect ivy extract which is a potent skin cleanser. Next are our two main active ingredients and some rather expensive ingredients. 1) Vitamin C which is a sodium ascorbic phosphate which aids in the blocking of melanin production

Beard Oil - Premium Oud (Agarwood)

Beard Oil - Premium Oud (Agarwood)

Beard Oil - oud (agarwood)

Beard hair follicles are nested in sebaceous glands - glands which produce an oil (sebum) which covers the follicle. As you start to grow your beard, and it starts to get longer, the amount of sebum produced is not enough to coat the follicle and keep the skin above it moisturized. This causes dryness and itching. Beard oil enters as a savior to nourish and coat the hair follicles, moisturizing the skin beneath the beard, and providing much needed relief to calm that itch. In fact, the carrier oil and essential oils in beard oil have excellent antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory healing properties which further help to clear out infections and control redness and inflammation. This helps to alleviate acne symptoms and reduce breakouts. If you have acne, experts recommend to apply beard oil in the morning right after a shower or face cleansing routine rather than at night before sleeping. Make sure you try a little initially to test for any allergic reactions. More importantly, you must not cut any corners with the quality of beard oil you buy. Steer clear of beard oils that contain silicone or alcohol or any other synthetic ingredients that can trigger acne, and only go for 100% natural, additive-free beard oil. Beard dandruff, more popularly known as beardruff, happens when the itching gets to the point where the dry skin flakes off and starts to fall on your shirt. It's white flecks of dandruff - but it's on your beard. The best way to tackle beardruff is to not allow it to happen in the first place. Using beard oil just when you're starting to grow your beard will eliminate and keep early itching at bay, and since the skin beneath your beard will be moisturized, there will be no dry skin left to flake off.

Oud Oil (Agarwood)

One of the world’s most unique scents is Agarwood Oil. This rare and beautiful perfume dates back as far as the 7th century and has been used by many cultures on important ceremonial occasions. Agarwood or Oud forms as a reaction to fungal or bacterial attack. Trees, ocassionally become infected with a parasite mould and they secrete a fragrant, protective oil into wounded areas (roots, branches or sections of the trunk), which gradually become harder and dark brown to black. Oud oils have been the favoured scent of Sultans and royalty for centuries, and is considered rare and precious to this day. Stories tells us of the extreme habits of luxury of King Louis XIV of France, who had the practice of washing his clothes in Oud oil. Oud still remains a luxury item desired by royalty across the world, including but not limited to the orient, Arabia and indeed western royal society.