HYDR8 Single Cotton Mask

HYDR8 Single Cotton Mask

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Designed for frequent travellers, is a revolutionising face mask that instantly hydrates your skin with organic nanoparticles, making you glow with radiance and suppleness.

Enriched with our exclusive hydrating essence - a special blend of sea kelp, organic apple and moisture-locking hyaluronic acid, plus synergistic nutrients:

  • Aloe vera juice

  • Skin-plumping seaweed collagen

  • Antioxidant-rich ingredients like green tea, grapefruit seed, vitamin B3, vitamin C, organic evening primrose oil

This mask is packed with so much goodness that within 20 minutes HYDR8 can reverse the negative effects of environmental factors that dehydrate the skin, especially with regular use.

1 x Mask per packet with so much serum there is enough to apply after removing the mask.