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Invigorate your senses with Venus & Rose’s most exquisite line of luxury cosmetics!

Australian formulated and produced by cosmetic dermatologists, scientists & pharmacists



HYDR8 is a revolutionary face mask that instantly hydrates your skin with organic nanoparticles, making you glow with radiance and suppleness.

Enriched with our exclusive hydrating essence - a special blend of sea kelp, organic apple, and moisture locking hyaluronic acid, plus synergistic nutrients: aloe vera juice, skin-plumping seaweed collagen and antioxidant - rich ingredients like green tea, grapefruit seed, vitamin B3, vitamin C and organic evening primrose oil.

This mask is packed with so much goodness that within 20 minutes HYDR8 can reverse the negative effects of environmental factors that dehydrate the skin, especially with regular use ^.

^Learn more about our clinical trials.


^Clinical trials: During the clinical trial period of four weeks, HYDR8 was given to a number of people from many walks of life. The aviation industry was our largest demographic where 178 pilots and 215 cabin crew with a balanced mix of males and females volunteered to participate. Both demographics provided V&R with positive feedback.

Also, HYDR8 has been tested to neutralise the exposure to dehydrating environmental effects of >2 hrs in-flight humidified air, strong winds, and >4 hrs air-conditioning.

Using the collated survey information from participants (n=481), the overall experience from HYDR8 was that it was a user friendly product and it showed immediate results of brighter and more supple appearing skin.

All test subjects were happy to use HYDR8 as part of their regular skincare regime and another 68 pilots purchase HYDR8 directly from Venus & Rose.

HYDR8 in all its glory <3

HYDR8 in all its glory <3


Calm your body and mind. Venus & Rose has you covered both inside and out.

We are dedicated to maintaining a certain pharmacy grade.


Pharmacy Grade

Developed by pharmacists & cosmetic scientists.

Dermatologist tested.

Our world-class ingredients are naturally extracted in our laboratories without the use of harsh solvents to ensure high purity and efficacy.

HYDR8 replenishes your skin of natural nourishing nutrients within minutes - the perfect solution for busy ladies and gentlemen.

Not rebranded, non-diluted. - 100% Australian.